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Domai.nrDomain space names have evolved far beyond the former .com and .


net of not so long ago. This is not surprising at all. Technology was furthered and new tools and resources were created, and everything was modified accordingly. Moreover, different people from all over the world see things in a different light, and often they come up with new solutions not because they want to modify things capriciously but because they are looking for alternatives that mean more to them. This happens in every field of life. For example, when Shakespeare modified the traditional sonnet rhyme scheme he did it because the one created by Petrarch did nor exactly accommodate the nuances of the English language. As a result, he restructured it by implementing a quatrain and a couplet at the very end of the composition. And a thousand examples like this spring easily to mind.

What this site does, then, is let you explore all these sites that have strayed from the conventional domain names format along with the traditional ones. This elastic search tool also intends to provide a comprehensive overview of websites, as it covers both top-level domains and those who might not be that popular or attract that much traffic. In Their Own Words

“There’s a whole world of domains out there — hundreds at the top-level and even more beyond — Domainr helps you explore them all.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a convenient way of coming across sites you would bypass otherwise.

Some Questions About

Is it free? How can it be improved?


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