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DojoLearning.comDojo Learning is a Canadian e-learning startup that brings online training to any company, small or large. With Dojo Learning, anyone can create, deliver, and sell training in minutes, with no technical knowledge or setup required.

Both public and private learning networks are possible, complete with your own company branding. Dojo Learning is the “Basecamp of training”, and the goal of the company is for Dojo to become the “YouTube of Learning”, where everyone will go to learn. Anyone can create lessons through the no-nonsense lesson builder, deliver lessons to anyone with an e-mail, have a private learning network with your brand, and sell your lessons online without having to handle the details. Existing learning systems are prohibitively expensive and require companies to host them themselves, which limits them from potential social learning opportunities. Dojo Learning has created an on-demand service that’s affordable for companies of any size, while also implementing more communication-oriented features that match how learning happens in the workplace.