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Dog-Health-Guide.OrgThe Dog Health Guide is a committed partner for keeping your dog healthy. This guide offers simple and practical advice for many common canine symptoms and illnesses.

They believe that every dog owner needs to be an advocate for their dog’s health. This means knowing the facts so that when faced with any kind of canine disease, you can have a productive conversation with your Veterinarian. Their thinking of different illnesses is based on the common sense advice of dog owners and information from leading Veterinary authorities. They try and provide home remedies wherever possible, and never intend for the advice to be a substitute for a medical professional that knows your dog’s breed and health. The Dog Health Guide tries to focus on specific dog symptoms such as canine cough and then helps you determine if the cough is due to canine kennel cough, coccidiosis dogs, or canine parasites such as heartworm or roundworm. You can browse the site by its many categories located at the left hand side of the homepage. Some of these categories are Allergy, Anal Gland, Anxiety, Bladder, Cancer, Cold, Coccidiosis, Cough, Diabetes, and many more. Dog-Health-Guide.Org