DLMon.com – The Main File Sharing Sites In One Place

DLMon.comI was searching for different shared files and I gave this site a try. It worked very well so I’ve decided to tell you about it.

It could be said that DownloadMonster is a search engine that was exclusively conceived, designed and developed with the intention to help you and other users searching for specific files, to find them at the many file sharing and uploading sites where they might be hosted.

As you already know there are different sites like Rapidshare and Megaupload that are being constantly used by people that need to get material about many topics. There are also other sites where people can actually share files and the Download Monster is the right solution for you to find them all together in one place.

Simple, fast and effective this seems to be the right place for you to come across with the information you might be looking for. The site makes clear the fact that they do not provide hosting services but only a connection to other sites where users may find the files they need. This is a completely free service you are going to greatly enjoy at Dlmon.com

DLMon.com In Their Own Words

“We only link to other sites where you may be able to download the files. Using our website site is free, and we do not require any kind of membership.”

Why DLMon.com It Might Be A Killer

Because it makes it easy for you to find many file sharing sites together in one place.

Some Questions About DLMon.com

How secure this site is? Is there any special system that protects users from viruses? DLMon.com