DITDGifted.org – Talent Development

DITDGifted.orgIf you have a child that has special aptitudes that you would like them to explore further, perhaps you should contact the Davidson Institute for Talent Development. The Davidson Institute supports gifted young people to develop their special skills providing them, their families, and educators with scholarships, programs, and information services.

Students can benefit from financial support of up to $50,000 with the Davidson Fellows, scholarships recognizing extraordinary young people who have completed a significant piece of work. The Davidson Institute also provides a public day school that offers middle and high school students an accelerated education; this school, located on the University of Nevada campus is completely free of charge. The institute also provides free support services for profoundly gifted students ages 5 to18 in educational advocacy, talent and interest development. Educators can also benefit from the Davidson Institute as they are provided with a national program that allows them to learn more about the academic needs of gifted students. DITDGifted.org