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discmakers.com-CDs and DVDsIn discmakers.com you will find anything related do the music business.

These guys are the fastest and easiest CD duplicator on the market. They’ll assist you with any short-run CD duplication, CD duplicators, CD printers, or affordable blank CDs you may need. They do everything in house: from glass mastering and replication to printing, packaging, and poly wrap. Plus, they offer other services like authoring, encoding, graphic design, and menu design as well. Blank CDs & DVDs, duplicators, templates, CDs and DVDs equipment, blue ray duplicators, printing supplies (printer ribbons, neato supplies, stickers) and tons of other stuff can be bought here. On their newest products catalogue they count with a practical guide, which explains how to make a Great Master. This guide has a bunch of tips and information from musicians, engineers, and producers. This is a mostly helpful material when it comes to making a demo, or your band’s album. discmakers.com-CDs and DVDs