Digiproofs.com – Digital Photo Solutions

Digiproofs.comFounded in the year 1999, Digiproofs is a company that has its seat in California. It specializes in providing online infrastructure and solutions for professional photographers and individuals alike.

The basis of the system developed by the company is that of “Pro labs”. Photographs of events are hosted therein, and the client can direct family members and friends to the Pro Lab to view them, and place and order. These prints can be personalized as much as the individual desires. Information on direct digital prints is provided, including technical particulars such as the paper that is employed and the enhancements that are applied such as contrast and sharpening optimizations. Likewise, there is information on large format prints; and paper finish options are detailed online. As it was mentioned above, personalized gifts are available. These take the photograph as the starting point and print it into media such as mugs, mouse pads or tee shirts. Pricing information is clearly set down on the relevant page. Digiproofs.com