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Designsbysick.comAt you will find embroidery designs online.


You may use the designs to create embroideries for commercial or personal use. The only limitation you will face is that you may not distribute or sell the embroidery designs or derivates of the designs by electronic means. Except that, once you purchase them, they are yours. You can browse the entire website by clicking on its categories located at the left hand side of the home-screen. This menu includes Top 20 Sellers, search, home, membership, order CDS, EBay store, list all sets, members login, help support, free hunt and design, chat, daily free design, hourly free design, hourly free hunt, free font, customer projects, newsletter articles, newsletter tips, sign up to newsletter, set instruction, forums, stitch chat, about, links, testimonials, and staff. There is a modified blog to allow visitors of to comment on news, instructions, and articles. If you sign up to their newsletter you can get new articles and tips mailed directly to your inbox.


Author : Pat Gregson

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