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DesignMyTattoos.comHaving a tattoo no longer differentiates the liberals from the conservatives like in previous times. What really makes the difference is the kind of tattoo you have.

Whether you want tribal, foreign words, or an animal, you want it to be special. If nobody else in the planet has is, it’s yet better. At you will have the chance to customize your tattoo design and make it unique. On the main page of the web site there are diverse categories, such as: tattoo gallery photos, tattoo articles, tattoo blogs, and recent posts. This latter includes: celebrity tattoos, uncovered, tongue tattoos, etc. Some of the topics you will see at the blogs are free designs, tattoo safety, celtic designs, popular designs, temporary tattoos, the history of tattoos, the risks involved, their pros and cons, etc. If you still don’t believe someone’s done a tattoo in his tongue, check out the site and watch the pictures.