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Designerskins.comIn you can find all kind of vinyl skins for your laptop, Nintendo, Xbox, Playstations, Ipods, mobile phones, and more.

There are thousands of models and styles for you to choose. You are able to select the model that fits your device, by checking what model or brand the skin is designed for. Since this is a designer team, they can custom the skin you want, exclusively, making your computer, mp3 player, or cell phone look special. Although the idea of “skinning” your device is to enhance the way it looks, it also allows you to take care of it by covering the object surface. So you would not only have an original device, but you’ll be protecting it from usage. You can buy the skins with your credit card, and you can also do it with cashier checks or money orders. is a site where you will find a selection of customized skins for different kinds of electronic devices.