– Technical Support, Drivers, Downloads provides you with support in any area you may need.

They offer technical support where you will find several categories: drivers and downloads, enterprise support center, manuals, systems list, security center, support status, system configuration, technical subscription, troubleshooting search, Windows Vista center, Windows XP support center, and wireless center. It’s very easy and the same site guides you when requesting support; you’ll have to choose among three options in order to specialize the demand. You will also find costumer service in which they will display four categories: delivery tools, finance center, account center, and frequently asked questions. In addition, there are also warranty information and services available. In particular: expired warranty service, extend and upgrade warranty, ownership transfer, contracts and forms, and status. If all this isn’t enough, there is a direct link to Dell’s Community, where you will also find support forums in the different areas: desktops, laptops, servers and storage, and software and peripherals. Finally, at the site you may also ask for virus and spyware support.