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Delizzy.comI though that every time you searched your del.icio.

us bookmarks, the search included an article’s text. Well, I was wrong. Every time you search for something on, you’re only searching through titles, tags, and descriptions, not content. Luckily, is here to change that. Through the site, you’ll be able to search through your bookmarks’ content. This will allow you to search for keywords you remember from an article, without having to remember the exact title. This should be good for people that store articles they want to quote on Having the ability to search for content makes this site a lot more useful than the current search engine. To get started, all you have to is tell the site your account information and you’ll be able to instantly search through your content. The service is currently free, but there is a poll asking users about a possible lifetime membership, which could be in effect soon. In Their Own Words

“del.izzy is a free service that lets you search through your bookmarks.”

Why It Might Be A Killer not searching through content is a major flaw. This site steps up to the challenge wonderfully, making searching through content seamless.

Some Questions About

What if implements a content search? Won’t that be the end for this site? Do they plan on offering more services in the near future?