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DECOmyplace.comDECOmyplace defines itself as “a search engine of living ideas”. The aim of this portal is to bring real people and real living spaces closer by letting them post their “living ideas” and inspire everybody else in the process.

Posts fall under categories such as “Furnishing”, “Decorations” and the perennial “Tips & Ideas” section that is more or less the backbone of a site such as this one.

One of the key concepts of the website is that of “My Place”. That is the spot you spend the majority of your time at, or wish to spend more time at in any case. In that sense, both your residence and your workplace fall into this category, and can be added to your profile in order to narrate in which ways you have personalized them and made them resemble the “real” you.

I did find the site quite likeable, as the community aspect really lends itself to such a concept. Besides, having people from so many territories (some being quite remote, too) can but provide everybody with an exciting insight on home décor to say the least. Ideas are offered by the bucket load here, and that is what matters at the end of the day. In Their Own Words

“Founded in November 2009, DECOmyplace pride itself as the Search Engine of Living Ideas. Through keyword search or simply select the relevant visual categories, users can find their points of interest easily and effortlessly.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site provides enough inspiration to keep even the grumpiest ones satisfied.

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