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Among the great array of websites for watching movies online, DavidMovie.com is an option with a nice design and a simple interface. You’ll be surprised to find a big list of the latest movies which have been recently released, just a click away for you to watch.

As well, the site’s menu lets you browse for movies by year or by genre. So in case you want to be updated on movies from the present year just click on that year. You can also access specific sections for the previous four years. But this chronological order can appeal to some but no to all viewers, so the menu also lets you choose categories. Action, Drama, Horror, Fantasy, Cartoon, Documentaries and Miscellaneous are the genres available. Some of them go together with other genres, for example, you can find Comedy together with Drama, or Thrillers together with Horror.

There are enough options to cover the most varied tastes, and the site has no clutter of banners and annoying ads around (there are always some, of course, and DavidMovie is no exception, but not in a big quantity).

Perhaps Miscellaneous could be filled with some more materials apart from the two available at the moment. It seems to be the only empty section, with only a Shania Twain concert and a stand up show from Lee Evans. It would be a great idea to increase the amount of music concerts in another category. Certainly a lot of people will find it attractive to have some place where to watch and listen to shows from their favourite artists.

In the meantime, movie lovers will enjoy this site for sure to watch motion pictures from all genres.


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Watch movies online for free: action, adventure, horror, thriller, comedy.

Why DavidMovie.com Might Be A Killer

In DavidMovie.com you will find the latest movies ordered by year, a great way to keep track of the latest releases.


Are they taking some precaution in the face of so many similar sites being closed by governments’ agencies?