– Build a Better Date

DateDesigner.comAre you tired of going out always to the same places? Are your dates boring? is an interesting and helpful website that gives users the opportunity to find new ideas for an exiting night out.

In this way users get the chance to improve the quality of their dates having access to a wide variety of fun date ideas.

The site has a menu where users can search for different kind of dates as for example romantic, fun, classic, simple, by age, by gender, etc.

It is important to remark that this site’s service is limited only to Phoenix, Arizona giving the option to find the exact place you can go for a date by providing the location’s Google Map.

Some of the examples provided at the site have been shared by the users and dates posted by the name of “Great Pizza with a Twist”, “Theatre and Dinner”, “Lunch Double” are some of the many options the users can get ideas from.

In order to be able to share their ideas as well as getting ideas from the site, the users have to register by entering an e-mail address, a screen name, and create a password.