Dartmouth-hitchcock.org – New England Healthcare System

Dartmouth-hitchcock.orgThe Dartmouth-Hitchcock healthcare system serves the whole of New England. It is made up of several clinics and hospitals, including the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, and the Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

Its website contains a full guide of locations, complete with contact information. A tool that goes by the name of “Find a Doctor” enables individuals to locate physicians online. This tool performs a search that takes into consideration the various Dartmouth-Hitchcock locations, as well as the doctor’s name and gender. Likewise, the specialty can be taken into account. On the other hand, the site also features an online encyclopaedia that can be browsed through by means of a navigation menu, or searched via the provided tool. Diseases, conditions, symptoms and surgeries are some of the topics included in this encyclopaedia. Slide presentations on surgeries are also available and can be viewed online. Lastly, the site also lists forthcoming events such as fund raising galas, as well as support group meetings. Dartmouth-hitchcock.org