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DarkHorse.comDarkHorse.com is the official web site of Dark Horse comics and books, which is celebrating 20 years of fine comic and book publishing.

In the main menu at the top their products are organized in the following sections, comics, books, products, reviews, zones, news, help, company and resources. You can look for comics and books by title, creator or subject. Some of the featuring comic titles are Adventures of the Mask, Aeon Flux, Age of Reptiles, Agents of Law, The Abyss, Alien vs. Predator, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and tons more. On the book’s side you can find titles like Akira club, The American, Appleseed, Aquablue, Art of Hellboy, Berserk, Battle Gods, Bettie Page and more. In addition, you can also look for comics, books or products by new releases, best seller or upcoming releases. DarkHorse.com