Dailypaul.com. – Congressman Doctor Ron Paul

Dailypaul.com.With the election in full swing there are lots of people in Washington interested in putting there views across. This site is the website of United States congressman Doctor Ron Paul.

If you are in Texas you should site definitely be interested in this site as Dr. Ron Paul is representing you in Congress. This site introduces you to the congressman himself as well as his policies and beliefs about how the United States of America should be run. This site also contains many links to recent articles, interviews and speeches done by the congressman recently. The site is also full of blogs from the followers of Dr. Ron Paul and you can also get the chance to see him in action with videos of him also posted on the site. If you want more information on Congressman Dr. Ron Paul then you need to check out this website www.dailypaul.com. Dailypaul.com.