– Rear Ends And Drive Trains

Currieenterprises.comBack in nineteen fifty nine Frank Currie started building his own differentials for material handling equipment out of his garage. Since then, and with the help of his four sons, the company has diversified and now produces superior aftermarket rear ends for a variety of different vehicles.

The company is now based in East Anaheim, California and there fifty or sop specialist staff design, build, modify, test, sell, and install all there custom rear ends and drive train products from under one factory roof. If you own a car, hotrod, Jeep or pick up truck and are looking for a high performance rear end or drive train, then you would be well advised to check out the web site The site is well designed with a clear and easy to follow menu system. The site gives you detailed information about each of the products this company offers in both text and video formats.