365drills.com – Drilling Porcelain Tiles

365drills.comDrilling tiles like porcelain and granite is a tough job. 365drills provide a value for money diamond drilling solution to installers, tilers, plumbers and DIY-ers looking for fast achievable results.

To prevent diamond drills skidding and sliding on shiny granite and porcelain, a novel invention was patented to guide the drill or holesaw from the outside. A holesaw is traditionally guided to the surface from the middle, but this adds cost and time to the job. 365drills have come up with a neat and simple idea. On the site you’ll not only find this new product that will help you to more easily and efficiently do your tile drilling, you’ll also find information on exhibitions and events, find a stocklist, read reviews by people who have already used the product, and of course place an order. The site also provides information on how to use the product, the results produced, and the types of projects you can accomplish with this new tool. 365drills.com