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Cumulus.comCumulus Media Inc. is a media group which owns FM and AM radio stations of medium to small communities across the US –mainly central and East Coast— and the English-Speaking Caribbean.

The stations have very different profiles, ranging from rock and hits to sport and commentary, and you can take a look at a local list of radios (and their respective sites) by selecting a city out of a drop-down menu, thus I reckon the site could profit very much from having both a complete list of stations, and a feature that would allow users to search stations by state, or by genre, as for the time being one has to go from one city to the next to explore what the stations are. The main aim of is to serve stock buyers and investors, as the information available for advertisers is almost null. Take a look at presentations and corporate governance profiles and company info by exploring the ‘Company Profile’ section, and if you are interested in pursuing a career in journalism, editing, accounting or any other thing you could dream for, stop by at to take a look at the Careers section.