CryoBank.Com – California Cryobank Sperm Bank

CryoBank.ComThe California Cryobank is a full service sperm bank founded in 1977 to provide physicians and their patients an accessible and comprehensive resource for semen cryopreservation and specialized reproductive services. It is one of the largest laboratories of its kind, and their primary concern is quality and service.

It offers a choice of standard donor specimens for intracervical inseminations or pre-washed processed donor specimens, for intrauterine inseminations. They produce a new donor catalog with more than 175 choices every month and offer an extensive medical history on each donor. Their quality control measure includes color coding donor specimens, and an electronic identification system to obtain positive donor identification prior to each deposit. They have physician medical directors, genetic counselors, donor matching counselors and a technical staff available to physicians and patients. At the top of the homepage you will find some categories that will help you browse this site. These categories are Account Login, Open an Account, Donor Catalog, Donor Search, and Order Donor Information. CryoBank.Com