Cps-k12.org – Cincinnati Public Schools

Cps-k12.orgCps-k12.org is located in Hamilton, Ohio.

It is actually the largest public school in Hamilton’s county. It has been serving students since 1829. Their aim is to help children develop their knowledge through the pre-school period to 12th grade. They not only give curricular education courses but also provide other programs like student enterprise programs, for complementing their educational offer. Moreover, they give their students some meals, like breakfast, because they believe good nutrition comes together with knowledge development. At the web site you will see many links, such as: attendance, academic partners, graduation, college, employment, etc. Within college you can check out their programs, enrolment, college planning, foundation, and more. Some of the programs and services include, adult education, project connect, special education, summer school, arts and technology center, etc. Among their curriculum there are fine arts, foreign languages, mathematics, science, social studies, technology, etc. Check out their site to see their academic calendar. Cps-k12.org