– Find Phone Area Codes

Countrycodes.comDo you ever have problems figuring out what prefixes you need to dial when you need to make an international call? simplifies things by assisting users in finding international country calling codes in a fast and easy manner.

By entering the country where you’re calling to and the one where you’re calling from into the search box, the site, which is constantly updated with country codes, will provide you with step by step instructions and the numbers you need to make the call. If you need to use a pre-paid calling card and do not have one on you, will link you to websites where one can be purchased and even give you a discount. Since using a card is a little more complicated than just calling directly, the site will provide all the necessary instructions you need to follow to complete the call. On this site you can also find links to websites that offer phone services as well as cheap national and international rates, maps, and more.