– Original Country Clipart

CountryClipart.comIf you are up to any graphic project and are running short on images, make some time to visit this site, where you’ll be able to find a huge collection or original clipart depicting country-related scenes and items, including animals and people as well, plus there are several galleries of holiday images, and some cultural/ethnic too. The site provides a vast catalogue of free-to-download images and projects (like writing paper, lists and personal cards), and can be used both for personal and commercial projects.

The site also sells large themed collections of clipart, but you’ll have to purchase them, with the advantage of having the images in different graphic formats (.gif, .wmf, and hi-res JGP), which will allow resizing at ease. You can get these collections in CD format, or download them from the site directly. also has creators of images, like the Family and Friends Factory, which allows to create different characters, give them different appearances, clothing, etc, much like any dress-up game.