– Comparing Prices In A Direct Way

Costwalk.comPrice comparison engines are certainly nothing new, but they are as useful as ever. Personally, I find it hard to go from a store to the other in order to compare prices in person, even when they are located quite nearby.

And I must confess that I feel a little uneasy walking into a clothing store if I have already bought another piece of clothing at a different store and I have to carry a branded bag along. Just one of these things.

If you can also tell a similar story, it looks like we needn’t worry. These price comparison engines do the laborious bit for everybody and present the results in a neat fashion. That is the case as far as Costwalk is concerned. It will let anybody zero in on what he wants by carrying out a search that goes from the generic to the specific. That is, you input a generic expression and then you should start streamlining everything manually.

You could also key in something very specific to begin with, but that will not yield the best results. Bear that in mind when executing a search.

I do think that maybe adding an option to circumscribe the search in one geographical way or the other would be nice. I hope that is dealt with in a future revision. In Their Own Words

“Costwalk is a product search engine which uncovers the best deals on millions of products, available from thousands of internet merchants from around the web”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Sites like this one are the most direct way of all to find something to go with your budget.

Some Questions About

Shouldn’t some refinement labels be added?