– Leading Juvenile Products is the website for Cosco, a leading manufacturer of juvenile products and home/office furnishings.

Although it initially only produced metal matchboxes that held large wood matches, the company soon expanded its line to include various tin ware items such as dustpans, breadboxes, and sugar canisters. While the company manufactured military equipment during the war, it developed the first full line of patented, all-metal household stools, and an all-metal high chair. Today, this innovative brand invites you to dig in the large stock of products available at this site. You can access them in two main ways: by entering the Home section and the Travel section, which recommend items for travels and residential use; or either by accessing the general Products section and its many subcategories, including age, room, collection, and new products. Also check the customer care section, with many online services, and the community section, featuring how-to guides and news.