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Consecofieldhouse.comThis is the website of Conseco Fieldhouse, a suitable place for any kind of events. This field is the favorite home for many shows to take place, including Indiana Pacers and Indiana Fever basketball games, World Championship Wrestling, Disney on Ice, and more recognized events in Indiana.

Conseco Fieldhouse offers concourses up to 60 feet at its widest so maneuvering to one of the 100+ concession stands is a walk in the park. From every seat you’ll feel right on top of the action. Its width allows you to be closeness to the excitement; you’ll need the space to stand up and exchange high-fives with all the fans around you. At this site you will find out all the information about this house, the events that take place, and many products to purchase online. It also functions as a great tickets shop, where you can get tickets for any event online. Access the events calendar, buy merchandising, and subscribe to the newsletter, all in one place.