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Congradz.comThings are never easy for those who have just graduated. Getting that first professional experience can turn into a deep source of frustration, and ideals can lose their spark before too long. So, any site that can help them land a job more easily and quickly is a site that can play a role which is pivotal in more senses than one. Congradz certainly does.


On Congradz, recent graduates can look for positions that are 100 % suited to their status and condition. Any job that is posted on the site is one that they will not fail to get because they are young, or because they do not have significant work experience. These things are actually requisites for getting any job that is posted on the site.

The positions that are posted on Congradz can be searched in multiple ways. Students can have them filtered by type (IE, full time, part time, internship…), by category (that is, the actual industry) and according to the date that they have been posted. The site is free to use and search in all three cases. In Their Own Words

The job portal for recent graduates.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a resource will ensure that graduates will not have to spend more time than it is tolerable looking for their first jobs.

Some Questions About

Based on what is offered on the site right now, which jobs are in more demand?


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