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Command Engine



We want to introduce our website running at http://www.commandengine.


Command Engine is all about web services(Anything from email, search engine, weather report, traffic report, software download,etc).

Command Engine is about commanding the web services rather than simple searching. Search engines are crawling the web and indexing all the documents, but no Search Engine is indexing the services present in every web site. The reason is those services are invisible to search engines. We are taking innovative approach to index the web services and making it useful for the web community.

Some of the services we are introducing with this release are:

1) Command Engine lets the user to command the services using natural language based sentences like ‘check mail’ , ‘drive from — to —‘. For example, yubnub kind of command systems provides 100s of commands, but honestly no one can remember more than 2 or 3 commands. In Command Engine, if your intention is ‘find b2b suppliers for battery’ then your command will be ‘find b2b suppliers for —‘ which searches the suppliers in and provides quick answer.

2) Command Engine is search engine for services. In Command Engine, User don’t need to remember Natural language based commands either. For,example if user types ‘driving direction’ it will list all the
map related commands.

3)Command Engine provides shortcut for commands. Commands can be big many times (‘find restaurants in New Zealand’). It may not be easy for users to type it each time. Slang can be as small a one or two letter. Each user can define their own Slangs. Slangs are attached with User.

4) Command Engine provides style submission for services. Here, the popularity of a service is determined by the number of times a service is used or slanged. End users can browse popular services and start to use them. Follow this link:

5) We are allowing web site owners to lock natural based commands like URL. URLs are complex for anybody. Every web site can register unique meaningful commands for their web sites. For example, TechCrunch can
register ‘learn about latest technology news’ or ‘review your startup idea’. And in browser URL bar, if any user types “crl:review your startup idea” , he should be able to go to techcruch directly.

Please send your thoughts.

Thanks so much!

Why Command Engine It Might Be A Killer

Patent pending unique idea about search engine. Unique product in the market.


Author : Bill Webb

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