– The Comedy Experiment

Comedyxp.tvDo you get bored easily in your free time? Are you tired of watching always the same TV shows? is the website that will bring all the fun and excitement back to your life! Why? Because they have created in this site this original and funny game, called improvisation.

They create characters and scenes on-the-spot, in front of a live audience. In the other hand, comedyXPeriment willfully plays with the traditional formats of improvisation; short form and long form. And this is how it works; long form takes one initial suggestion from the audience and creates a complete story around this single suggestion. This represents CXP’S signature formats. Short form is the most well known , which become popular by the show “ who’s line is it anyway?” again each scene begins with a new suggestion from the audience and it has a duration of 3 to 5 minutes. You have to try it! It is really funny! Visit the website to learn more about the players, the show schedule and more.