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Combo7.comLetting people find fast food in any city within the US much easier is the aim of Combo7, a site that has just gone live. By supplying the ZIP code that applies, visitors to the site are immediately presented with a list of fast food restaurants in that area. Alternatively, users of Combo7 can supply the name of the city that they find themselves in for all the restaurants in that place to be pinpointed.

And that’s as far as the site goes. It has no other search options to speak of. You can’t filter restaurants by price, and you can’t refine results by proximity either. So, if what crops up when you first carry out a search isn’t really suitable, then you have had it.

That’s obviously something which should be addressed for the site to become somehow more distinctive. And adding some categories highlighting the most popular fast food restaurants in the country wouldn’t hurt, either. It would all go into making the site more usable. As it stands right now, it feels like something that was released too early, and that does only a fraction of what it’s supposedly meant to do. In Their Own Words

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Some Questions About

When is the site going to be updated? Will any of the points mentioned in the review be addressed?