– College Career Connector is a recruitment site offering jobs for college students, grads and recent graduates, both at entry level and advanced career stages.

The site hosts an impressive 5m+ résumé database, and encourages users to submit their own and receive a free evaluation from the site’s experts, plus other resources like a college finder or student loan information. In this site, users will also be able to find human resources literature, and browse at the large library or career-related articles and essays, plus some down-to-earth advice on what and what not to do, for instance, at the office’s holiday party. Take a look at the income wizards, which are a series of tools intended to help jobseekers to calculate what their salary and cost of living is in accordance to the job and state. It is worthy to note that job recruiters using this site include top government agencies like the CIA or NY’s Transit Authority, and important private corporations like T-Mobile.