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Collegefootballpoll.comIf you are crazy about American Football and College Footbal in particular you will love this website. Everything regarding the College Footbal league is here.

The website was designed by Dave Congrove, a college football fanatic. He created his own Computer Ranking (Congrove Computer Rankings ) with stats from 1993 up to now of every Division 1-A college footbal team. The purpose? Predict who is supposed to win and by how much for every posible match. On this website you can surf through all the computers predictions and see when it was accurate and when not. All the forecoming games are predicted here, so if like footbal and you like bets this is worth checking out. According to the website, 74.7% of the wiiners were predicted correctly since 1993. Besides all the predictions, you can also get here tons of info about football like news, stats, teams, pictures, pre and post games comments and history.