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Collectorknives.netCollectorKnives is a company that deals in a comprehensive range of case knives. The term “case knife” itself is used primarily in the Southern States of the US, and it refers to any table knife.

The store is a retailer of brands such as Schatt & Morgan, Henckels, and Hen & Rooster. Furthermore, there is a page which is devoted to work knives. In addition to that, knife-related items such as sheathes and storage packs can be procured at the store. The most recent additions to the catalog are prominently spotlighted on the main page, whereas blowout specials are likewise showcased. As far as payment options are concerned, customers can resort to PayPal, and an order form can be procured online should the customer opt for traditional methods such as money order or cashiers. What’s more, gift deliveries can be effected by virtue of following the link that is provided on the main page.