CollectiveSys.Com – The Wikipedia Of Commerce

CollectiveSys.ComIf you click on you will be able to find an innovative structured wiki site.

At this site you will have an opportunity for finding, sharing, rating, reviewing and comparing of anything in the world.

No matter if they are articles, videos, songs, pictures, eBooks, etc, you can share them at

This solution can be described as a true Wikipedia for the commercial world. By using this tool anyone can share their knowledge and views on any product, any service, any event, any place, or simply anything, no matter the part of the world they are at.

This website makes available for the users to use many utilities.

Among the many utilities you will find at, you can think about it as a Facebook. Here, rather than buying and selling your friends virtually, you actually discover real great products and services for your family or your business.

Imagine further a Google with a structured search engine with which you are able to find and compare all the available online storage services.

In order to be efficient at the use of this site, there are a number of terms you need to learn more about. You will find them very well explained at the Help section.