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CoinColelctor.orgIs coin collecting your hobby? Log on to for all your coin collecting needs. was first founded by Dan Hersan, a fanatic of coins. He created the site for its users to provide and exchange information about coins around the world. The site contains all the information you need to know about the US Coin gallery, which contains information about US coins, designers, metal compositions, mintmark locations, dates minted, edge types, circumferences, weights, and more. The site also offers a live online negotiation section, which allows its users to buy and sell their coins online. Coin trivia can also be found on the site. Some of the trivia that can be found online include questions such as: Who appears on the obverse of the Cleveland Great Lakes Exposition commemorative half dollar?; Why are so many coins of Ceylon in shapes other than round?; and many more interesting questions. So, if you are a big coin collecting fan, visit for all your coins collecting information.