– Much Better than College Humor

CockEyed.comIf you have some time to spare online, don’t miss, a humor site where you’ll find a nice assortment of strange and curious facts which will make you laugh.

The main source of this site’s jokes are the kind of strange projects and doubts one has dreamed of at some point in one’s life. For instance: have you ever wondered whether it is worse to reverse your vacuum cleaner, or to walk into a lamp post while admiring yourself in a shop window? A good way to get the answer to this and other mind-boggling questions is to take a look at the dollor-meter (as in pain-meter) this site provides. Other interesting projects have to do with measuring how much of something is in the container: how big is the Sunday edition of your local paper if you spread it? How long does it take to empty a shaving cream can, and how much space does it take up? If you are interested in urban interventions and the like, you’ll find some neat examples of people messing with Mc Donald’s menus, public seating space and similar pranks.