– Graphical User Interface For Search

CloudTuner.comCloudTuner is a revolutionary graphical user interface for search. CloudTuner advocates “What You See Is What You Get” approach to the search user interface by allowing query refinement and evaluation of returned search results using single graphical concept.

CloudTuner technology allows exploring an additional dimension of user input which is untapped by existing search interfaces, namely the relevance of a term to user information needs. CloudTuner menus generate new space for contextual advertising and provide build-in semantic services (e.g. ‘related terms, spelling suggestions, and translations). CloudTuner search interface scales well to multiple input devices including keyboard and mouse, mobile keypad and touch screen, IPTV remotes and game console controllers. The search UI is suitable for a multitude of search domains such as web and enterprise search, faceted e-commerce search, content-based image search, and more. CloudTuner believes that archaic text-based search interface is the ‘weakest link’ in current search systems, and as the saying goes ‘a system is as good as its weakest element’.