– A Search Extension For Gmail

CloudMagic.comSearch results that update themselves as we are typing are the future. Google has already begun implementing them, and they certainly make life easier for users.

Well, this new browser extension brings that very same functionality both to Firefox and to Chrome.

The act of installing this extension (which is named Cloud Magic) will result in a new search box appearing in your Gmail interface. This search box will enable you to search for anything you want within your inbox, and be presented with results that are updated as you are typing away. You will also be capable of previewing messages (and even entire conversations) in a mere click.

The main asset of Cloud Magic is that the tabbed system it employs makes for copying and pasting information from one message to another something really smooth. And the extension can be procured and used at just no cost, too.

Eventual updates will include support for Google Docs and other mail providers like Yahoo and Hotmail. Of course, that will depend on how well-received this service is by Gmail users, but I see no reason why it would meet with apathy – it’s free, and a real timesaver. In Their Own Words

“CloudMagic introduces super fast search for your online data.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great productivity tool, basically – the amount of time you can save when looking up information and using it is anything but insignificant.

Some Questions About

Which other services are to become supported in due time?