– Stupid Clients, Funny Quotes

ClientCopia.netSo you think Customer Service is something anyone could do? Then you’ve got no idea what Customer Service/Tech Repair/Help Desk is all about. Take a look at this great new site to learn what some people have to go through during office hours, and examine their mantra: “ClientCopia: To cope with difficulties of a client attaining professional services and act to overcome them, despite that client’s blatant stupidity” –that’s ClientCopia: Bash.

org’s twin. This site, like the one it takes after, collects quotes that will definitely make your day, by realizing that you could be so much worse than you are; the quotes are user-submitted by people who give some form of technical or post-sale service as a job, and lots of independent graphic designers, who briefly tell you about the most weird requests from their clients, transcribe hilarious conversations, note why stupid-proof designs and sites need to exist, and in general leave their clients and co-workers in predicaments which speak loudly about human imbecility. As is the case with other quote databases, readers are expected to rate the quotes in order to determine which are the best, and add their own stuff if they so wish to do. Please bear in mind that this site can be fairly addictive, as the quotes are just hilarious, and they get better and better as you randomly skip from one to the next.