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ClickerTraining.comAre you a dog owner? Wouldn’t you love to have a happy well-behaved pet? With clicker training this is possible. Karen Pryor Clickertraining is a leader in the filed of animal training and specializes in marker-based positive reinforcement or clicker training.

This training approach can help dog owners not only train their canine companion but also build stronger bonds and enrich the lives of their pet. This method is a communication system that allows owners and their animals to understand each other in a way that’s almost like talking. Using the clicker training approach people can accomplish an array if specific goals including raising obedient and happy family dogs, training search and rescue canine teams, and more. This type of training helps to reduce barking, allows dogs to develop stress reduction, and helps to develop clam and stress-free behaviour. On this site not only will you find educational information in the form of blogs, books and multimedia but you will also find quality products such as treat, fetch, and squeaky toys, ropes, puzzles, agility equipment, and other fun products that can be used for training and to enhance the life of your pet.