– Connecting Cleantech Companies with You

CleanLoop.comVentureLoop, the website which features postings from venture-backed companies in order to connect with potential employees, has just launched CleanLoop for those looking to find possible employment within the growing cleantech market. It´s not for those looking to get involved in actvism or non-profit jobs but instead focuses on for-profit companies looking to explore new technologies in alternative fuels, solar/wind/ocean power and other services to revolutionize the energy industry.

With the evergrowing market focusing on creating alternative energy solutions, CleanLoop is sure to connect future employees with sustainable growth companies within a profitable industry. During its Beta phase, CleanLoop is offering free job postings for participating cleantech companies. In Their Own Words

¨Powered by VentureLoop, the definitive website for emerging growth company jobs, CleanLoop brings together individuals interested in the cleantech market with unique jobs at cleantech companies. This is not to be confused with “green” jobs that are focused on advocacy and non-profit…Conversely, the jobs on CleanLoop are at for-profit companies exploring new technologies to create alternative fuels, solar/wind/ocean power, software technology and services to revolutionize the energy industry.¨

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are many job search websites out there to connect employees with non-profit and activist jobs but CleanLoop is one of the first to create a network between profitable companies and those interested in alternative energy. With new investment and government interest in cleantech, there is now a lot of funding to generate the need for new employees. With CleanLoop still being in its Beta stage, only time will tell about the success that can come from VentureLoop´s launch.

Some Questions About

Can CleanLoop include statistics about the growth of certain companies? What growth is to be expected on CleanLoop when it launches to its Alpha? Is there a place for CleanLoop to explain the concept of cleantech?