– Communication Is A Privilege

ClaysRadioShop.comA good way to communicate is going to clay’s radio shop. At ClaysRadioShop.

com you can search for a radio type of your desire. You can also find other devices such as police scanners, CB antennas, GPS and more with just a few clicks from the menu bar displayed at the top of the site. It has a section on which you can verify the shipping information that shows everything you need to know about the prices and the shipping policies they have. You can also ship your equipment over to them for repair. You can find the payment methods on the top left hand of the site where it has a menu for you to navigate easier and faster, on the company policy tab. All ordering is made by mail or by phone, which ever you prefer the most. This site provides a sales warranty that would make you feel more comfortable with your buy. If needed they also speak Spanish for all the Spanish speaking community. So if you need a radio or have a broken one, don’t think twice before you contact