– ELearning Meets Web 2.0

Class-Connect.comClass-Connect allows students and teachers to collaborate in a secure online environment while incorporating web 2.0 like features.

Many eLearning solutions are extremely hard to use and have a ‘learning curve’, whereas Class-Connect is extremely intuitive and well laid-out.

One of Class-Connect’s flagship features is the ability to send students a text message of their assignments every night at 5 PM. This helps keeps students organized with their schoolwork. Another cool feature of Class-Connect is the ability to share videos, websites, documents, and more all within the Class-Connect website. Essentially, you can use the internet’s endless resources to help further educate your students.

99% of eLearning solutions to date are clumsy, ugly, and hard to use. With Class-Connect, there is NO learning curve. Class-Connect also incorporates hundreds of features that you would usually only see in web 2.0 type websites (like the forementioned ‘student text message w/ assignments example)

These web 2.0 features keep students intrigued with what they are learning via Class-Connect and also encourages them to extrapolate on what they are being taught.