– For Cowboys Lovers is the website dedicated to the real history of the most famous cowboys in the west, such as the Clanton family, Old Man, Phin, Ike, Billy; John Ringo; Curly Bill; Brocius; Tom and Frank McLaury; Pete Spence; and, of course, Wyatt Earp.

Read all about the Clanton family before and after Tombstone. Check the real story and the movie. What really happened behind the OK Corral? Read Wyatt Earp’s Written Testimony, visit Marshal Fred White shooting and find out what was behind the bar of the saloon at Whiskey of the Old West. At this website, you can watch the world first live Internet TV Western, every Tuesday night, where you can enjoy old west history, special guests, blind beer tasting, whiskey tasting, historical skits, video clips, and much more. Marvelous old photographs and great western music; you will really love the CD album “The Bard of Tombstone”.