– Chinese At The Palm Of Your Hand

Chinese-Symbols.comHave you ever wondered how the Chinese symbols are like? Or wanted to send a message to someone in a language different than yours? will help you out.

If you wish to know how your name is spelled in Chinese, you just need to click on the first letter of your name and then look for it, it’s very simple and fun. The Chinese alphabet is included. It also contains a list of the most searched symbols that refer to a specific feeling, for instance you can fin, the symbol for love, hate, strength, peace, happiness, faith, luck, among many others. There’s also the option of the Chinese horoscope which shows all the animals in it, and it provides a brief description of each one of them. It has three email addresses, each one of them with a specific purpose, one’s for advertising, another one for what has to do with the website, and finally there’s in which you can ask for information about China. So if you’re in need of some Chinese symbols visit