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Chattanoogan.comJournalism has developed a lot throughout the centuries. It started as a mouth-to-mouth ritual, where people got together and spoke about what was appening around them.

It later developed into a written Journal and from there it then went on to radio and from there to the television. With the developing of the internet and people being busier than in times long gone, Journalism has taken part in this revolutionary development that is social-networking through the use of computers to create an All online local newspaper. The is a newspaper dedicated to local news, with links to national and international news. Categorizing the news into sports, happenings, doings, obituaries, classified, movies and more, this website provides everything your hometown journal has to offer, with one smal differance: it’s constantly updated, having new news everyday, at anytime, with the user not having to wait till the next moring to read what is going on in the world around him. With its simple layout, and one of a kind design, is the best way to find out what is going on all around the worl right now.