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ChatCheaters.comI won’t even attempt to settle the controversy about whether chatting with someone in a romantic/flirtatious tone over the internet should be considered cheating: there’s probably as many supporters for the claim on one side as are on the other. If you believe you partner may be up to some online flirting and you don’t feel comfortable with such behavior, other than talking to your loved one, you can also try taking a look at this site, where you’ll be able to find a wealth of articles discussing the topic and providing rather sound advice on how to deal with these touchy issues, at all steps of the way: from reviews of spy software to a directory of divorce counselors and forums where you can meet other people who have gone through the same you have, to a huge library of stories of cheaters and cheated people, in its thoroughness this site can be truly soul-shattering at times.

The articles are both original for the site and aggregated from diverse online and printed media, and will be of great use for couples of all ages and backgrounds.