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ChapelHillNews.comChapel Hill News is a publication that has been in print ever since 1923. The journal covers life in Southern Orange County, and its online counterpart can be reached at ChapelHillNews.

com. The full contents of the newspaper are available online, and the site highlights salient news items on its main page. On the other hand, there is a navigation menu that will let you look up specific information in a straightforward manner. Obituaries, opinion pages and special features can be accessed this way along with local news and sports coverage. The site also includes a calendar of events that can be consulted anytime, whereas a “Community” page acts as a board where announcements can be made. As it is the norm with online newspapers, there is a fair share of multimedia contents. These include both audio and video slideshows as well as contents which are contributed by the journal’s readership. Lastly, a classifieds board is included and it enables members of the community to trade services online.